Tesla Right to Repair Class Action

TESLA_RUGHT_TO_REPAIR_CLASS_ACTIONFreed Kanner London & Millen LLC (“FKLM”) has recently filed a compelling case against Tesla for its alleged abuse of market power in the electric vehicle (“EV”) and Tesla repair services and parts markets. Our complaint alleges that Tesla has implemented a vicious series of anti-competitive practices, effectively preventing independent repair shops from accessing necessary information, tools and parts to maintain and repair Tesla vehicles. In our carefully researched and crafted complaint, FKLM shows how these practices have unfairly limited consumer choice and increased the costs of, and time for, repairs, in violation of the law.

FKLM is committed to fighting against anti-competitive behavior and protecting consumer rights. With our extensive experience and expertise in complex litigation, we are perfectly positioned to take on Tesla in this important case. This lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for the entire EV industry, and FKLM Law is dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of their its clients and all others harmed by Tesla’s alleged abuse of market power.

For more information about this case, please contact us here or by emailing info@fklmlaw.com