Antitrust Litigation

Federal and state antitrust laws are designed to protect and promote competition among businesses by prohibiting price fixing and other forms of anticompetitive conduct. Violations can range from straightforward agreements among competitors to raise prices above competitive prices to often complicated schemes designed to increase cartel participants’ profits at the expense of their customers.

While anticompetitive activity invariably leads to higher prices for customers throughout the chain of distribution, it also tends to stifle innovation by removing cartelists’ incentive to make their products better or by slamming the door on innovative new entrants to the marketplace.

Freed Kanner has served as lead counsel on behalf of direct and indirect purchaser victims for some of the largest antitrust cases against price-fixing cartels. We have a diverse array of experience in this area, having litigated cases that involve industries and commerce such as high-tech products, pharmaceuticals, financial instruments, paper products, food products, and auto parts. We typically engage the country’s most highly regarded antitrust economists, who help us expose cartel behavior. These cases, which are self-concealing, are difficult to prove. But with our experienced attorneys, know that we will do our best to shine the light on illegal behavior and deliver successful results.