Cedar Shakes & Shingles Antitrust Investigation

Freed Kanner is investigating allegations of anticompetitive conduct by manufacturers of cedar shakes and shingles. On February 13, 2019, S&W Forest Products , a former member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (“CSSB”),  sued the CSSB, and manufacturers Waldun and Anbrook in federal court.  The lawsuit accused the largest cedar shake and shingle mills Waldun and Anbrook of regularly conspiring to fix prices for cedar shakeand shingle products sold into the United States market and of encouraging other mill manufacturers to join in on this price collusion. If true, these allegations may mean that since  at least February 27, 2015, the prices paid for cedar shake and shingle product prices have been artificially inflated pursuant to an illegal price-fixing conspiracy and that purchasers of these products have suffered antitrust injury.

If you purchased CSSB Certi-Label cedar shake and/or shingle products directly from the manufacturer– or if indirectly, for your own use and not for resale– during the period February 27, 2015 to the present, and those products were sold under the CSSB Certi-Label, please contact us for a no-cost evaluation of your potential claim. Call (224) 632-4500 or click the Get in touch button.

The Label Explained

1. The “Certi” Brand Name – your quality assurance
2. Product Grade
3. Product Type
4. Independent Third Party Control Agency
5. Number here shows compliance with total quality manufacturing system
6. Mill name, location and phone number
7. Industry product description
8. Product dimensions
9. Cedar Bureau Label Number
10. Building Code Compliance Numbers
11. Product performance texts these materials have passed
12. Label identification number
13. UPC Code
14. Coverage chart showing bundles per 100 square feet and recommended exposure
15. Application instructions on reverse side