Freed Kanner serves as co-lead counsel for a proposed class of merchants seeking equitable and injunctive relief. Plaintiffs allege, inter alia, that certain of Visa and Mastercard rules, including anti-steering restraints and default interchange fees, working in tandem have caused artificially inflated interchange fees paid by merchants on credit and debit card transactions from January 1, 2004 through the present.

Freed Kanner attorneys served court appointed roles on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in this antitrust class action accusing certain salmon farmers of unlawful coordination of the prices charged to direct purchasers of farm-raised Atlantic salmon and salmon products derived therefrom.  This litigation was settled for $85 million.

Freed Kanner attorneys serve court appointed roles both on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, and as Liaison Counsel in this multidistrict, antitrust class action accusing the 15 primary industry players of fixing television advertising prices.

FKLM served as interim co-lead counsel on behalf of indirect purchasers (end-payors) of brand or generic Opana ER, an opioid painkiller, in this antitrust “pay-for-delay” case brought under the laws of 30 states.

FKLM is serving as interim liaison counsel this class action alleging that the major U.S. manufacturers of a critical medical product, intravenous saline solution (“IV Saline Solution”), conspired to restrict output and artificially fix, raise, maintain and/or stabilize the prices of IV Saline Solution sold throughout the United States, under the pretext of a supply shortage.

FKLM served as co-lead counsel on behalf of direct purchaser plaintiffs in this nationwide class action involving monopolization claims under Section 2 of the Sherman Act. The case resulted in a settlement of over $50 million.

$50 Million

Recovered for the Class

FKLM is serving as interim co-lead counsel on behalf of direct purchasers of automotive parts in multiple concurrently active nationwide, antitrust price-fixing cases relating to the following products: wire harnesses; instrument panel clusters; heater control panels; occupant safety parts; fuel senders; bearings; air conditioning systems; windshield wiper systems; starters; windshield washer systems; spark plugs; oxygen and air fuel ratio sensors; fuel injection systems; brake hoses; alternators; ignition coils; power window motors; shock absorbers; and electric power steering assemblies.

As co-lead counsel for a class of direct purchasers of containerboard and related products in this antitrust price-fixing case, FKLM recovered $376 million dollars through settlement after more than 7 years of heavily contested litigation. One distribution of settlement funds has already been made to the class and a second distribution is expected later in 2019.

FKLM was appointed as liaison counsel on behalf of direct purchasers of steel in this nationwide supply manipulation and price-fixing case.

$194 Million

Recovered for the Class

FKLM served as interim co-lead counsel on behalf of direct purchasers of replacement automobile air and oil filters in this nationwide, antitrust price-fixing case. The case resulted in settlements of nearly $18 million.

$18 Million

Recovered for the Class