Freed Kanner serves as co-lead counsel for a proposed class of merchants seeking equitable and injunctive relief. Plaintiffs allege, inter alia, that certain of Visa and Mastercard rules, including anti-steering restraints and default interchange fees, working in tandem have caused artificially inflated interchange fees paid by merchants on credit and debit card transactions from January 1, 2004 through the present.

Freed Kanner partner Kimberly Justice serves as co-lead counsel in this multidistrict litigation arising from over a decade of alleged manipulation of financial instruments linked to the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s (“CBOE”) Volatility Index, the “VIX,” and the opaque settlement process the CBOE designed for certain of those instruments

FKLM is serving as interim liaison counsel and managing discovery efforts in this class action alleging that drivers/distributors are improperly classified by Pepperidge Farm as “independent contractors” in order to wrongfully deny them certain compensation and other benefits.

FKLM  is serving as interim co-lead counsel on behalf of indirect purchasers (end-payors) of brand or generic Opana ER, an opioid painkiller, in this antitrust “pay-for-delay” case brought under the laws of 30 states.

FKLM served as co-lead counsel on behalf of direct purchaser plaintiffs in this nationwide class action involving monopolization claims under Section 2 of the Sherman Act. The case resulted in a settlement of over $50 million.

$50 Million

Recovered for the Class

As co-lead counsel for a class of direct purchasers of containerboard and related products in this antitrust price-fixing case, FKLM recovered $376 million dollars through settlement after more than 7 years of heavily contested litigation. One distribution of settlement funds has already been made to the class and a second distribution is expected later in 2019.

FKLM served as interim co-lead counsel on behalf of direct purchasers of replacement automobile air and oil filters in this nationwide, antitrust price-fixing case. The case resulted in settlements of nearly $18 million.

$18 Million

Recovered for the Class

FKLM is serving as co-lead counsel in these consolidated class actions brought on behalf of retail pharmacies against prescription benefit managers for fixing at artificially low levels the prices paid to pharmacies for pharmaceuticals sold, and reimbursement for services rendered, to the members of plans created by the prescription benefit managers. The complaints allege that the prescription benefit managers illegally aggregate the purchases of their members in order to effectuate the underpayment.

FKLM attorneys served as co-lead counsel in this antitrust price-fixing class action, which resulted in a $79 million recovery for thousands of U.S. and European shippers. Distributions were made to claimants in the United States and throughout a number of European countries.

$79 Million

Recovered for the Class

FKLM attorneys served as co-lead counsel in this antitrust price-fixing action against hydrogen peroxide producers. The case resulted in settlements of over $97 million for the class. In approving the Plaintiffs’ motion for an award of attorneys’ fees and expenses, Judge Stewart Dalzell lauded co-lead counsel:

[t]he “skill and efficiency of the attorneys involved” is of a very high order indeed, and as we noted at the fairness hearing yesterday, we have been impressed that these attorneys have prosecuted this matter vigorously against seasoned opponents without needlessly distracting the Court with discovery disputes.

$97 Million

Recovered for the Class