Freed Kanner London & Millen LLC
is a Premier National Force in the Antitrust Field and Class Action Litigation.

FKLM is a leading national law firm that clients trust with their antitrust claims and complex litigation disputes.  Clients rely on FKLM’s trial-tested experience and vast knowledge to prosecute price-fixing conspiracies, securities fraud, consumer fraud, data breach, whistleblower actions and complex business disputes.

We relish the opportunity to fight for our clients against businesses that have harmed them.  We make sure we understand our clients’ claims and work efficiently to achieve a positive result.  We are highly experienced at litigating against multinational corporations and their expensive lawyers.  Whether it is an antitrust dispute or another complex litigation matter, we help you level the playing field against a larger, well-resourced adversary to ensure that You—the Client—are equally represented and positioned to avenge yourself or your business.  David versus Goliath litigation drives us and is our specialty.

We have honed our skills over the years in courtrooms across the country.  Our  many successes place us firmly in the top tier of antitrust attorneys in the country.  You can count on FKLM to understand your dispute and to work with you, while working for you, to vindicate your rights under the law.